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Dissertation / Thesis

PhD Dissertation

We understand the importance of doctoral dissertation as a PhD dissertation is a scholarly document which represents the cumulative experience of one’s entire educational experience. Graduate and post graduate dissertation is inscribed within 200 pages. However, for PhD dissertation the average length of a document may perhaps be more than 300-500 pages, focussed on a very narrow topic. Hence extensive references to work in the form of citations such as text books, monographs and journal articles written by experts in the field is a must.

PhD Dissertation Thesis Proposal format – Guidelines Purpose only

Journal Writing and publication support

Our Journal formatting support team keeps an eye check on the necessary elements that you require in your paper which meets your journal's requirement. So, in case if our expertise journal formatting support team finds some missing elements it would send you the summary of missing elements along with the procedure to add them in your paper. Whether you choose our document editing, translation, or content review service, you can easily add formatting to your order. If you need help and would like to avail our Journal formatting service for your paper, make sure you send us a copy of your journal author guidelines when you submit your document to Karka Kasadara Academy. If you have questions about our journal formatting and journal editing service, please contact us and we will assist you.

Edit and proof reading

The Editing service has always been a requirement in any sort of academics, copywriting and especially, in the Research. The simple mistakes in spelling or grammar are not noticed by the students when they are in full flow but that will stand out to a third party. Therefore, editing is an essential part of the writing process.

It covers editing and formatting services in 3 broad areas of expertise (social, biological, and management and physical/engineering sciences). Under this service, we accept a broad range of documents—journal articles, dissertations, book manuscripts, speeches, etc—and customize our edit to suit a variety of writing styles. Within the editing bouquet, grant applications also included. As part of this service, we offer you our professional expertise in helping you communicate a well-structured and polished research plan to reviewers.

Both Proofreading is a basic and essential part of writing. A paper that is proofread is taken more seriously by your readers. At KKA, editing and proofreading goes hand in hand. Our editors look for every possible change and give your work a professional touch.

Statistics help

Statistical Data analysis is the most important step in any Dissertation or Thesis. Students require help in explaining their work through work of statistical data analysis and display results that can be propagated as the work of research. Dissertation help, thesis comes along with statistical data collection and analysis of the same. Collecting statistical data, interpreting and tabulating is also an important part of statistics where the students would require proper statistics help. We have expert statisticians who improve the quality of data with the design of experiments and survey sampling and provide the complete statistical data analysis help.

Plagiarism Correction

Plagiarism is rampant in academics and any assignment found with this act of pitfall is not entertained. We live in an era of science and technology. So, accessing information from other sources is not a hurdle. Accessing the information and going through the sources is not an issue as long as you adhere to some ethics. It requires display of moral ethics on the part of a writer that, if he or she has used any information, then the original author must get the due acknowledgement. One has to respect the original work and it is the intellectual property, which is not meant for stealing. If you indulge in copying other person’s idea or knowledge or information and pretend as own; then the act comes under the category of plagiarism.

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