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E-learning and Education

Welcome to Karka Kasadara Education Academy which discloses to impart training for professional excellence in academics and business through the most innovative, intensive and informal modes of learning. The school delivers training through its various Training Programs, Seminars and Handbooks.


Soft Skill Training:

In the current working environment, Soft Skill is a mandate one. It helps us to maintain the Work – Life Balance, Career Growth and Personal development.

We are offering the Soft Skill training for Group and Individual also. For your thoughts, sharing some of the skills:

Basic Statistics:

Statistics is a field of study that deals with the collection and analysis of numerical data through mathematical and scientific techniques. Methods of organizing, picturing and summarizing data is known as descriptive statistics whereas methods of using information from the sample to draw conclusions about the population is known as inferential statistics.

The role of the statistics in business acts as a checklist for validity, analysis and efficiency with the data collected and serves as the backbone of your research. It raises questions like the procedure to go about with your research, whether to consider a sample or the whole population, methods in collecting data and data description. The numbers also give an easy viewpoint of how you conduct your research.

PhD mentoring and coaching:

We offer you following services on one to one basis.

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